Тому хто йде проти вітрув слід не плюють
Мірою всьогоє людина
Тому вірністьлюдям завжди
Вірність владітільки тоді
Коли вонацього заслуговує
Олег ФиликАдвокат, журналіст, викладач,
депутат міської ради

We can speak of state terrorism when different kinds of acts by a goverment harm their own population and those of other nations.
Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine has already had a devastating effect on Russian society already and getting worse for the years to come.
Not much difference it will make if 1000 Western companies will have left Moscow and St.Petersburg, but the unemployment rate (9%) doubling in the short term.
Selling oil to India and China at a discount rate of 30 dollars instead of 100 dollars shall not ruin the former USSR bank safes either for their war needs.
Business as usual now, but inflation to soar up to 25% by the end of 2023, according to Bloomberg. They know what is coming up with no gas, oil or coal revenues by the European and British market in the next decade, taking Russians back to the 80s.
Not to speak of jailing numerous brave protesting young Russians and journalists against this senseless chain of bloody events.
What about sending ignorant army conscripts of poorer parts of Russia (or convicted murders!) to a certain death for so many of them, presented as only a short military action?
All this, indeed a form of deliberate state terrorism it is for me, as Putin hurting Russians in the first place. Causing death and destruction in so many peaceful Ukrainian homes is state terrorism in the purest sense of the word.
No more words to spill on it, as my readers in this beautiful country know all too well the desastrous results of this war, so far.
Europeans only have to count their 300% increase in energy bills and an average 10% inflation next winter. Ukraine has to count not only a billions year’s deficit for 2022 but also 100 to 200 casualties every day. Quite different. There is no Ukrainian home without a soldier’s death to mourn and no Ukrainian woman – young, old, mom or not – without anxiety in her heart.
This all done by Russian state lying on top of it toward the Russian population and the international community, presenting facts by a “light” perception version instead of a cruel raw reality.
Lying is a form of self deception to make reality more acceptable to oneself. No big deal, if it were not inflicting harm on other people lives by this, something done by Putin and his numerous allies in a deliberate or consenting way. But if Putin’s state terrorist’s acts can indeed devastate so many peoples’ lives, it can never wipe out a Ukrainian spirit of resilience to this evil either.
But as nothing is for free, therefore a price to pay until we reach that moment.
And what is generally difficult to get in life, is this not mostly wortwhile, folks?


·        Born on 13 November, 1979. 1986-1997 – comprehensive school No2 levels I-III in Stryi. 1997-2004 – the Ternopil Academy of National Economy (Institute for International Business and Management) majoring in International Economy, was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economy.

·         1999 – 2008 – intern and student at London Business School – Academy of Professional Studies (the UK).

·        Upon completing the course in the UK, acted as a Legal Advisor in a number of private agencies and companies, worked as a translator and interpreter in private legal organizations and law firms.

·        Area of research “Peculiarities of political culture under hybrid political regimes”

·        2002 – became a member of Foreign Press Association, by reference of Christopher Wyld, Director of Foreign Press Association (25 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5AP, tel:020 7930 0445, e-mail: christopherwyld@fpalondon.org, www.fpalondon.org was hired by Unit for Eastern Europe BBC branch department

·        2008 – graduated from the Ternopil National Economic University with a Master’s Degree in International Economy.

·        2009 – journalist at TeleRadioCompany “Lan” (Stryi), lecturer at the Lviv Agrarian University (Stryi branch) and assistant advocate (Lviv Regional Advocate Collegium).

·        2009 – 2013 – extramural student at the Institute for Post-Degree Training at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, majoring in legal regulation of state and local government organization. Diploma qualification – specialist lawyer.

·        2010 – elected a head of the Journalist Association “The House of Independence”. Set up a newspaper for journalist investigations the “Pravo na Pravdu”.

·        Assistant consultant for a deputy of the Lviv Oblast Council.

·        2011 – Deputy Director of the TeleRadioCompany “LAN”.

·        2013 – co-founder and initiator of the “Femida”, the first Free Legal Advice and Information Centre for low-income people in Stryi.

·        2014 – elected a secretary of the “Anticorruption Centre for Stryi Region”

·        2015 – elected a deputy of Stryi City Council. Secretary of the Legitimacy and Human Rights Commission.

·        2016 – obtained a Certificate for the right to act as an advocate and Advocate’s ID. In 2017 founded own law firm “Verum”.


Олег Филик

Юрист, Доктор філософії з політичних наук, Доцент кафедри соціально - гуманітарних дисциплін

·        Since 2018 – advisor to the first deputy head of the Lviv Oblast Council.

·        2019 – candidate for a people’s deputy of Ukraine in the single-mandate constituency №126.

·        Since 2020 – lecturer at European University in Lviv.

·        2021 – advisor to the head of the Mykolayiv Amalgamated Territorial Community

·        2022 – advisor to the head of the Zolochiv Regional Council

·        Post-graduate student at the Department of Political Science, the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

·        Research paper topic “Peculiarities and consequences of European multiculturalism policy, based on Great Britain”.

·        Since 2020 – member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

·        2023 – Associate Professor Grand Doctor of Philosophy, Grand PhD

Не здавайтесь у полон міщанського добробуту і претензійного жлобства! Плекайте антиспокій і майже недосяжні цілі! Краще зробити і пожалкувати, ніж не зробити взагалі. На моє глибоке переконання, найбільший людський гріх серед існуючих – байдужість та бездіяльність. Саме вони привели нас за 20 з гаком років до того, де ми опинилися сьогодні. Саме проти такого стану речей повстав Майдан і загинула Небесна сотня. Саме за якісно нові зміни в країні і недопущення неоколоніального рецидиву воюють сьогодні тисячі добровольців на сході. Герої не вмирають тому, що вони продовжують діяти руками своїх послідовників із числа живих. Тож будьмо їхніми послідовниками!

Here – finally, a new English word that describes not only our present, but also the future. Isn’t that right?
Ineptocracy (in-epto + kratia) is a system of government when the least capable of leadership are elected to power by people who are the least capable of productive work, and when members of society who are unlikely to support themselves materially or achieve any success are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of fewer and fewer producers.
From the English “inept” (clumsy) + kratia (power). We get something like “failed democracy” – exactly what – by and large – exists in the Ukraine today.

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